Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Overalls: Burgundy Supplex Water resistant fabric

What I ended up buying yesterday was much different from what I said I was going to buy.  I originally planned to buy waterproof fleece (basically fleece with a plastic backing) that is available only in camo and is $29/yd.  Instead I bought some burgundy DWR Supplex.  Supplex is apparently tightly woven nylon and the DWR Supplex has a durable water repellant surface.  Water should bead up and not pass through the dense outer weave.  It is very lightweight, feels like it will be quiet (important to me not to go swish/swish/swish as my legs rub together) and is not plastic backed.  I also bought some water resistant treatment that I can use if the DWR finish is not keeping me dry.  

I happened to have a large amount of burgundy fleece in my fabric stash, so I am using that for the lining.  

Btw - I totally recommend, they have a large selection of outdoor fabrics to choose from and more rolls of robe/cording ect. than I've seem before.

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