Thursday, November 10, 2011

Handmade dolls

Today I read this tutorial for a Travel Sewing Case.  It is a very cute case, and I briefly thought about making several to give as handmade gifts this year.  I reconsidered because it is not a very good fit for anybody in my family.  I might still make one for myself.  My travel sewing kit usually consists of a needle shoved into a small roll of thread.  I have a needle and thread in my survival pack - but it is just thread wrapped around some paper and a needle stuck in the paper.

After reading the tutorial, I was suddenly struck with a strong desire to make handmade dolls for the holidays.  Not fancy dolls, basic type dolls with an embroidered heart on the chest.  Something soft that a little girl could really cuddle with.  I have wanted to make a handmade doll for Ellie, but I haven't yet.  She does not prefer the handmade stuffed dog I made her - so she will probably not appreciate a handmade doll either.  Maybe she is not old enough to understand.  I just think that a handmade doll conveys a lot more love than a store bought doll, and I would like to make some to sell in my Etsy shop.  Maybe I am kidding myself.  After all, I sell bags and accessories - not toys.  

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