Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Preview: Sunflower Bags are Done

The sunflower bags are unique becuase they are the only bags that will have fringe.  The rest of the bags will have whatever decoration I feel like at the time, we will have to just wait and see.  The large bag is 14" high X 16" wide x 3" deep.  The medium bag is 10" high x 11" wide x 2" deep.  Both bags have a pocket on either side and a larger pocket in front.  The wallet is 8" x 8" and is embroidered around the outside.  The wallet has 9 pockets for cards and 3 larger pockets.  

I'm really proud of these, they came out looking great.  I am planning on making a green one for myself, and I am not a fringe kind of girl, but I had to try out the large sunflower bag anyway.  It it pretty big, more of a breifcase type bag.  I put all the stuff I usually carry, including diapers, a toy, a couple of bibs . . . , and there was plenty of room for more.  The medium bag is more purse sized.  It is slightly smaller than a file folder.  The pockets on the side are the right size for carrying pens or a cell phone and the larger pocket in front is good for keys or anything else for quick acess. 

I put extra effort into making these bags really strong.  I would be shocked if the straps ripped off after all the stiches I put in there.  I imagined that these bags (especially the larger one) would be great for carrying books, so I tried to make them strong enough to carry 30 pounds or more.  All the fabric and buttons are washable, I recommend hand washing gently and hanging to dry.  These bags are also lightweight, so they won't be overly heavy when filled with stuff. 

Now for pictures, in no particular order:

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