Saturday, March 12, 2011

Princess messenger bags in the works!

Today I finished picking out fabric and accessories for my first products.  The designs are finished, the patern pieces are cut out and now the fabric is purchased.  Exciting barely covers it.  Although now I have a lot of work to actually bring my ideas to life. 

Ivy - Lining and detail in black
I have picked out four color sets and out of each one (fabric permitting) I plan to make one large messenger bag, one medium sized messenger bag and two matching wallets.
Rose - lining and detailing in black
The fabric and detailing on the messenger bags and wallet are inspired by princess dresses and balls.  The fabric, ribbon and buttons would all be appropriate for a victorian era ballroom and the intent of the design is to capture some of those elegant, romantic feelings.  Regardless of whatever boring paperwork you have stashed inside, you should imagine violin concertos and princes kissing your hand. 

Sunflower - Lined and detailed in cream
All four base fabrics are from my personal collection.  They are recycled, a.k.a. I fell in love with them at a garage sale, ect.  I picked out shantung as the contrast for my design, it looks like satin but with a rough, silklike texture.  It wears much better than satin and is stain resistant. 

Lavendar - Lined and detailed in cream
Each messenger bag will be lined in either cream or black, detailed with ribbon and close in front with two decorative buttons.  The matching wallets will have a matching decorative button as well.

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