Saturday, September 24, 2011

I have an Etsy shop!!

The bags have been done for ages, but on my schedule it’s easier said than done to get all them all photographed and listed.  Anyway, all the bags and wallets to date are listed and viewable at and I am very excited.
In addition to the “Princess” Bags and wallets, I made a few that I call the “Pockets, Pockets, Pockets” bags and two bags that are round and more casual.  My favorite is made from an old camouflage army shirt, I used all 4 cargo pockets and it is reversible.  One side is camo and the other side is black corduroy.
Here is a preview of how some of my favorites turned out! 
Trilliums Treasures 002Oh wait, that’s a picture of Josh with a fish the size of Ellie . . .
Here are the bags:
Trilliums Treasures 009Trilliums Treasures 017Trilliums Treasures 018Trilliums Treasures 023Trilliums Treasures 027Trilliums Treasures 033Trilliums Treasures 039Trilliums Treasures 041Trilliums Treasures 007Trilliums Treasures 025Trilliums Treasures 036Trilliums Treasures 021Trilliums Treasures 030Trilliums Treasures 011

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