Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun Blog: The Math Mom

I discovered a fun new blog today at The Math Mom.  I regularly read puzzles and today she posted an "Archimedes Grave" brain teaser at Sharp Brains.  I love math, I love puzzles, and I'm a mom - of course I would find the content of this website appealing.  It's also cute and creative - and math doesn't always do a good job of portraying it's fun side.

On The Math Mom she says:

 "By finding your own peace with math you won't be transferring your math fears over to your kids."  

I agree completely. I just read a few days ago that people with "math anxiety" who focused on controlling their emotions got higher scores on a test than "math anxious" people who didn't. To me, this means that a big reason people aren't good at math is due to anxiety, rather than skill. Read that article here.

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