Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On my lunch hour I went to the park and cut out the fabric for my overalls.  I would not normally do this at the park, but I am in a big hurry because I want to wear them this weekend (ambitious, I know).  I thought about cutting out the fabric at work but did not want to draw attention and have people wonder why I wasn't, you know, working.  Luckily, all the people that gave me curious looks at the park were too polite to come over and demand to know what I was doing.  I found a nice picnic table to spread my fabric out, and other than the wind it worked pretty good.

Here's how to design and cut out a pair of overalls on your lunch hour...

I used a pair of non-stretchy workpants that fit roughly how I wanted the overalls to fit and traced, leaving a generous seam allowance and a generous waistline for my growing pregnant belly . . .

Then with the help of the measuring tape I faked a bib shape and cut out some pockets, I added an extra 1" in each direction for seam allowances.  I also cut out straps and fleece lined side pockets.

Once I had all the fleece pieces cut out I laid them out on the expensive Supplex fabric and traced around each piece.  I don't want to cut out the Supplex fabric yet in case I made any mistakes . . . I have a lot of extra fleece, if worse comes to worse I can add a strip of extra fabric to the lining and it won't be very noticeable 

Tonight I will sew together the fleece pieces and make sure everything fits before I cut into the Supplex fabric.

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