Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Operation Hiking Pants Completed

I finished my hiking pants on schedule and tried them out last weekend.  I didn't write a post about them until now because I look like humpty dumpty in the pants, and I didn't want to take any pictures.  Like I said before, I'm pregnant so I left extra room in the tummy area for growing.  All the extra tummy room bunched out to the sides for a very unattractive look.  The pants fit great and look fine otherwise!

Field testing was successful.  It was incredibly cold and windy Saturday and we spent a great deal of time standing around, so I was glad of the thick fleece lining.  Sunday, I added some long john pants and an extra sweatshirt to my ensemble, but it turned out to be a lot milder weather.  Even so, the weight of the pants was good and never felt overheated.

I wasn't able to test the pants out in anything more wet than a light drizzle, thank goodness!  My favorite part of the pants was being able to sit on stumps, hillsides, whatever without having to worry about a wet bottom.  Actually, I loved the pockets too.  And that the pants were so much warmer than what I usually wear.

All in all, the project was a success and I plan to wear them again next weekend.

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